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Placement Test Retest Policy

Challenging Placement Test Results

How to View Your Placement Test Results
  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Registration Tab.
  3. Look for "My Records" and click on link See my Placement Test Results.
  4. Look for your placement codes/tests scores at bottom of page. Your recommended courses will be listed next to this code/score.

Results for tests taken prior to May 2010 are posted in your student record but will not appear in MyPortal. If you do not remember your test results, go to the Assessment Office for assistance, located in Room 143 in the Registration & Student Services Building.

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Placement Test Retest Policy

Review the retest policies to determine your retest eligibility.

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Challenging Placement Test Results
Have you taken your placement tests, received your results, and think that your results don't accurately reflect your skill level?

If so, please review and complete the below form for the test result that you wish to challenge. An overview of the challenge process and form submission can be found on the form.

  • Forms are downloadable, fillable PDFs.

Challenge Form - Language Arts (English or ESL)

Challenge Form - Math

Challenge Form - Biology 40A or Chemistry 1A/Biology 6A

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